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The Agricultural Coordination Office (LAKO)

The Agricultural Coordination Office is a service centre for Education and Research and 
for all requirements in agricultural training and advisory needs for the rural area.
Our employees are teachers in Agricultural Schools. As a forward-looking business the “LAKO” organises a broad educational offer like seminars and lectures.
Our publications on current topics are focussed on all interested parties.
As an international contact address for education and science the “LAKO” coordinates with international education systems and organizations.
An additional task is the transaction of EU-subsidies for agricultural education programmes.

Fields of Activities

Teachers training and public relations & media pool
Our main target: Creation of future-focussed educational trainings

-  Offering seminars for teachers
-  Selection and collection of methodology for a professional and efficient teaching
-  Creation of teaching aids (brochures, OHTs…)
-  Installing of a media – pool in the internet for E-learning demands
-  Development of useful software (CD-Rom “Agri Poly”)
-  School support concerning technical equipment for Multimedia (educational films)

Development of projects
Our target: Initialization of pilot schemes

- We are in charge of innovative agricultural and educational projects
- Advisory service for an efficient project management

International networks in education
Our target: Professional international schools

- Exchange programmes for students and teachers in whole Europe
- Using the opportunities and chances of EUROPEA (EU – network for agricultural education)
- Organising work placements for students who want to go abroad
- Creation of multilingual information introducing our schools (homepage, brochures,…)