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The advantages of the educational training in a FARM school
























Mittlere Reife – Intermediate Degree

The “Intermediate Degree” is a new qualified final examination of the Agricultural Schools in Lower Austria. After positive graduation of Module 2 you can achieve the Intermediate Degree.
A written project  and an oral and a practical test are necessary. This examination offers you a good start into your career as well as the possibility to attend a school for higher education. Apart from that intermediate degree replaces one year of training for all apprenticeships.



Open schools

Depending on your interests you can
choose between different branches.

Basically you learn practical skills for
accurate usage.
The broad offer of education is available for everybody.
Also a wide range of various trainings and courses are optional for all age groups.




Schüler mit landwirtschaftlichem Gerät
The successive Modules make it possible to create an individual training

Module 1 (basic training)

The Module 1 lasts two years and imparts
general knowledge of the subject.

It replaces compulsory vocational education.

Module 2 (management training)

This Module lasts eight or ten months.
Specialized knowledge is the prime aim.

Depending on the school focus a work
experience is involved.

During the course you can apply for
different certificates and take part in
six project-weeks.
You graduate with the “Intermediate Degree”
which replaces the examination in apprenticeship in Farming&Agriculture.

Module 3 (training for entrepreneurs)

The Module 3 concludes 500 lessons of education,
makes  the master craftsman diploma possible and enables you to take the enterprise examination.